Only a few companies produce JAS accredited Miso in Japan.

We use native organic soybeans and rice.

Organic Miso received the accreditation of OCIA. Miso manufacturing needs a lot of time and manpower for selecting the ingredients, for fermenting and aging. You can't easily find JAS organic accredited soybeans and rice among the domestic products. We use organic rice and soybeans grown in Ishikawa prefecture for the ingredients.

In the most appropriate environment, our Moromi (mash of unmatured soy sauce) is aged in 2,880 liters big wooden tank (one tank can contain approximately 3 tons of Miso). Microorganisms that serve important roles keep working in the tank. After a long time aging as long as a year, Miso for the product is finally ready. This wooden big tank help to combine the cycle of the natural temperature change depends on four seasons and the cycle of aging. Thus, these tanks are suitable for the production of naturally aged and aromatic Miso. Natural aging using these wooden tank is the fruit of the achievements of the ancient wisdom.

Our products are produced by the cooperation of growers, our company and customers.

Naturally brewed and aged Miso is a powerful Miso having an unique aroma and a rich flavor (Umami). It contains active lactic acid bacteria, so it is a high quality Miso that goes well with the taste of seasonal food and fish. Also, it dissolves well in soup stock. Curiously, the flavor is not altered when boiled again. So you can enjoy the soup again the next day. It may be because of the fundamental power of long time aging.