You can't think of Japanese cuisine without thinking of "Sushi". "Sushi" has a lot of variation and is a profound food.

"Sushi" Basics


There are various styles of sushi.

The original concept of sushi is, with the aid of starchy rice, to preserve those of protein-rich foods, fresh water fish and fresh meat. Natural fermentation take place when fish is kept a long with millet or rice, starchy grains, and the generated lactic acid prevents from rotting. Sushi has various styles such as Nigiri(hand pressed)-sushi, Sushi Roll, Pressed Sushi, Chirashi-sushi, Nare(fermented)-sushi, Mushi(steamed)- sushi, Inari(wrapped in deep fried soy bean curd)-sushi and Chakin(wrapped in egg crepe)-sushi. Recipes and flavors vary from one locality to another. Sushi rice is flavored with vinegar, salt, sugar and so on.

Why do we use soy sauce when we eat sushi?

All the raw materials of soy sauce such as salt, acid of lactic bacteria and alcohol of yeast have germicidal power, so germicidal capacity of soy sauce is considerable. Raw fish is used for sushi, so dipping in soy sauce is not only for us to relish but also to kill bacteria. Just a little soy sauce is enough to enjoy eating sushi. "Zuke" is a kind of sushi topping. "Zuke" is tuna flesh confitted in soy sauce. By being confitted in soy sauce, the fish is preserved and palatability is improved. If you do not like raw tuna, you should try "Zuke". We are sure you will understand the daintiness of soy sauce.

Taste and eye appeal of Sushi are a certain type of art form.

Some conditions such as the shapes of toppings, balance of the toppings and the rice, the shape and softness of the rice ball and so on decide the taste of the sushi. The difference between good sushi and bad sushi is very big. Each sushi topping is very small but with variously precooked and filleted by the skillful handling of a kitchen knife. Through a lot of steps and after being them handshaped with rice, a piece of sushi finally comes along. It seems like a simple dish, but we all can enjoy the various taste and textures of sushi.