Message From The President

Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co.,Ltd.
President Seiichi Yamamoto


Ever since the first day of a tiny family-owned business in 1911, we still stubbornly adhere to the century-old natural fermentation formula for our own traditional Japanese soysauce and miso making.
As a result, we are very proud of the unique quality of our sauce products which remain and will continue to remain intact.

Truely, our products are pure and natural - no additives, no preservatives, no aritificial flavor and no articificial color whatsoever. Here is why.

Kanazawa, our home town, is most famous in Japan for its resourceful nature gifts, namely a variety of abundant seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, fish, herbs and many more. No wonder why this 1270-year old City of Kanazawa has been best known
home to genuine traditional Japanese cooking.

Blessed with such surroundings, we have been working very hard around the clock to cope with the ever-increasing customer demand for healthier sauce products, at home and abroad, yet without any sacrifice of quality.

In recent years our much efforts have been finding ways to enhance the awareness of these wonderful Kanazawa seasonings - pure, innocent, aromatic, flavorful, low in fat and mystic - for diners in this global village era looking for the real taste of Japanese cuisine.

Some of the results are Ginger Vinegar, Wasabi Oil and Reday-Mix Vinegar for Sushi. These new upscale additions, together with our traditional Yamato sauces, are gaining popularity from many professional chefs of Japanese cuisine and many diners alike.

As more concrete steps towards our such endeavor, we recently opened our new "Kitchen Studio" for a variety of new gourmet recipe creations with help through consultations with well-known chefs, at
home and abroad. Some of them already have been here, and with their help, regular classes are also planned for the people aspiring to learn more about trendy cooking.

The Studio within our century-old factory compound is designed to fairly well reflect the traditional Japanese interior, but equipped with modern utensils. As a result, the totality of the settings is quite contrasting, but harmoniously amalgamated, and surely it will be loved by many visitors.

Plus, our visiting customers will be much mesmerized by the taste of our famed "Soy-sauce Ice Cream".

Already in its 4th generation, we really want to win the heart and mind of each and everyone of you with the finest and highest quality Yamato sauce products.

For that, we will assure our valued customers worldwide of our enduring commitments to healthier sauce making, notwithstanding any hardship in
so doing.

We are looking forward to your continuing patronage.


Seiichi Yamamoto
Yamato Soysauce and Miso Company Limited
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture JAPAN