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    • Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co.,Ltd.
      President Seiichi Yamamoto

      Ever since the first day of our tiny family-owned business in 1911, we have stubbornly adhered to the century-old natural fermentation formula for our own traditional Japanese soy sauce and miso. As a result, we are very proud of the unique quality of our sauce products which remain and will continue to remain intact.

      Our products are truly pure and natural - no additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors whatsoever. Here is why–Kanazawa, our home town, is very famous in Japan for its resourceful gifts of nature, namely a variety of abundant seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, fish, herbs and many more. No wonder why this centuries old City of Kanazawa is one of the best known cities for genuine traditional Japanese cooking.
      Blessed with such surroundings, we have been working very hard around the clock to cope with the ever-increasing customer demand,at home and abroad, for healthier sauce products, yet without any sacrifice of quality.
      In recent years we have put forth many efforts to find ways to enhance the awareness of these wonderful Kanazawa seasonings - pure, innocent, aromatic, flavorful, low in fat and mystic - for consumers in this global era who are looking for the real taste of Japanese cuisine.

      Some of the results of recent are Shio–koji, a form of salty, malted rice which replaces traditional salt and gives many dishes a wonderful, well rounded taste.  This product is not only tasty, but has many health benefits as well.  The live enzymes tenderize meat or fish and they also help with digestion. 
      Our non-alcohol Amazake is as popular as ever.  Enjoy the organic white rice or brown rice versions or the non-organic brown rice version.  A sweet drink made from rice, it is sure to fill you up and give you energy.  Drink it in summer to beat the heat or warm it up in winter with a touch of cinnamon, chocolate or ginger for a sweet treat. 
      Our ever popular Ginger Vinegar& Wasabi Oil together with our traditional Yamato sauces, are still gaining popularity from many professional chefs of Japanese cuisine as well as fusion chefs. At home chefs and many patrons alike can also enjoy these upscale products through one of our many distributors around the world (please contact us for more information).
      When traveling through Kanazawa, please take the time to stop by one of our shops (insert link to maps) or contact us for tours of our Miso factory.  We take pride in what we do and would love to share it with those who are interested in Japanese cuisine.  You can also enjoy our famous, mouth-watering "Soy-sauce Ice Cream"available at both locations (insert link to maps).

      Already in its 4th generation, we hope to win the heart and mind of each and every one of you with the finest, high-quality Yamato Soysauce products.  To this effort, we will assure our valued customers worldwide of our enduring commitments to healthier sauce making, notwithstanding any hardship in so doing.
      We look forward to your continuing patronage.

      Seiichi Yamamoto
      President& CEO
      Yamato Soysauce and Miso Company Limited
      Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture JAPAN


  • Policy And Objectives Of Our Company

    • Through manufacturing and sales of high quality seasonings that complement seasonal food, we hope to contribute to our customers achieving a healthy and delightful dietary life.

      Soy-sauce ice creamSesame miso puddingMiso rolled cake
       [A variety of sweets]
        ・Soy Sauce Icecream
        ・Sesame Pudding
        ・Miso flavoved roll-cake


  • Outline

    •  Company Profile


       Company History

      Trade Name
      Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co.,Ltd.
      10,000,000 Japanese Yen
      The Main Office & Brewery
      4-E-170, Oonomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0331, Japan
      TEL.+81-76-268-1248 FAX.+81-76-268-1242
      Established in 1911
      Number of Employees
      Description of the Business
      Manufacturing and sales of soy sauce, miso, soup, sauces, amazake, etc.
      Policy and Objectives of Our Company
      Through manufacturing and sales of high quality seasonings that complement seasonal food, we will contribute to our customers achieving a healthy and delightful dietary life.
      Ground Floor Area
      8,000 square meters (Total floor space of the factory building: 3,900 square meters)
      Feb 1911
      "Tomatsu Yamamoto" founded the sales business of soy sauce and miso at the present location. Our company name "Yamato" is derived from the first syllables of his name.
      Feb 1916
      "Kokichi Yamamoto" started brewing soy sauce.
      May 1953
      The company was re-organized and named Yamato Soysauce Co., Ltd.
      The company celebrated its 50th anniversary.
      Oct 1964
      A soy sauce brewing factory and miso brewing factory were built.
      Oct 1965
      The company was re-organized to Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co., Ltd.
      Oct 1967
      2 miso koji rooms were installed and 3 fermenting rooms were installed. The manufacturing process was updated with new machinery.
      We were accredited as a JAS factory for soy sauce.
      We were accredited as a JAS factory of noodle soup (tsuyu).
      Our display room "Hishihogura" was opened. We began giving factory tours as a communication and learning strategy.
      We began selling soy sauce ice cream cones, a big hit!
      We received certification of ISO9002.
      We were certified as a manufacturer of organic JAS food.
      ISO9002 certification was transferred to ISO9001:2000.

       Our commitment and policy since the establishment of the company


      Our first president, Tomatsu Yamamoto started the company in 1911 in its present location. In the old days, our second president transported soy sauce, miso and daily necessities to Hokkaido (in the northern part of Japan) from Kanazawa by ship, which then carried back soybeans, wheat, marine foods and timber. We have used good quality soy beans, harvested in Hokkaido, since our foundation, thanks to the second president’s know-how and business activity. We are faithfully working to produce rich and full flavored products blessed with raw materials from local vendors,filtered water of Mt. Hakusan (the highest mountain in the area) and the humid climate are suitable to brewing excellent products.
      We have been making an effort to improvethe quality of our manufacturing process for a long time and we received ISO 9002 certification in 2000 (the registration was transferred to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003). We are also accredited as an organic JAS food manufacturer since 2001. We respond willing to customers’ expectations of safe and tasty products.

      Because of our dedication to quality control, we have customers not only in Japan but also overseas.  Our  export division supplies our miso and soy sauce to department stores and famous restaurants in the U.S. and Europe (we have customers in the U.S., France, England, Australia, and more).  Our goal to produce excellent products makes us tough competitors internationally.  We commit ourselves to producing the highest quality fermented foods that are fruits of wisdom of ancient Japanese people.


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