Organic Japanese rice, organic soybeans and all natural sea salt are the keys to making this mouth watering miso!


  • Organic Soybeans, Organic Rice, Sea Salt, Koji
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Net contents: 500g
  • Storage: Refrigerate after opening

miso soup

This miso is produced in large, aged-wooden barrels which contain approximately 3 tons of miso.
Good yeasts are living inside of the wooden tubs and play an important role in fermenting the miso.
These types of barrels are some of the best tools for producing full bodied mellow rice miso. The four seasons also aid the miso's aging process.
Long-term aging mellows the miso and gives it a rich aroma and flavor.
It also contains living lactic acid bacilli, which plays an important role in intestinal health.
This miso is a good match with fresh vegetables and fish and melts easily in the soup stock.
It does not lose flavor when it is re-heated due to its long aging process.

Our supplier of organic soy is Mr. Imura in Kahokugata,
only a 15min-drive from Yamato's factory!

Our supplier of organic rice is Mr. Honda in Terai,
is just a 30min-drive from Yamato's factory.

We hope for the future, that our customers, farmers and suppliers as well as other manufacturers will continue to sustain the natural environment around us. To this end, we use only organic materials in this miso. Our organic ingredients come from farms and suppliers who also believe in this philosophy and aim to make a better, cleaner and healthier environment for all of us. Please enjoy this full bodied, mellow rice miso in a cup of miso soup or in Japanese inspired gravies and sauces.


The combination and balance of soup, vegetables, Miso and condiments decides the taste of Miso soup. If any of the ingredients are lacking, it cannot be called Miso soup and a bad combination of the ingredients never makes tasty Miso soup.

  • Japanese Recipe
Fresh vegetable sticks and good quality Miso go very well. You can add condiments such as herbs and chili or mayonnaise.
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