Fresh "Yuzu" and "Sudachi" citrus juices enrich the flavor of many dishes!
Different from ordinary Ponzu, "Yuzu-Ponzu" has natural mineral rich salt instead of soy sauce.


  • Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Citrus (Yuzu & Sudachi), Salt, Mirin, Alcohol (Sugarcane), Yeast, Bonito and Kombu Extracts
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Net contents: 180ml
  • Storage: Refrigerate after opening. Shake well before use.


Enjoy The Fresh Citrus Aroma of Yuzu Ponzu.

With grilled meat, YAKINIKU or YAKITORI
As a dressing for fresh vegetable salad or onion salad
Dipping sauce for NABE, YUDOFU, chicken pot meal, SHABU-SHABU
Good for cold pork salad, seaweed salad or vinegar dishes.

Yakiniku            Nabe            Yudofu
  • Japanese Recipe
Directly use, POUR, DIP, ADD
Grilled meat, YAKINIKU (Beef and Pork), YAKITORI (Chicken)
1. Dressing for fresh vegetable salad, onion salad
2. Dipping sauce for NABE, YUDOFU (boiled Tofu), SHABU-SHABU
Enjoy the fresh and pure Yuzu aroma!

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