No Alcohol! No Sugar!  Brown Rice Smoothie
An energy drink with plenty of the natural amino acid GABA.



  • Rice,Rice-Koji (Malt)
  • Net contents: 490ml
  • Storage:
    store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

What is Amazake (Rice Drink)?

Our Amazake is made from 100% rice. It is a Japanese traditional sweet drink, containing various nutritional benefits such as glucose, vitamins and GABA.

What are its features?

①Power of Koji.
 Since the 17th century, Japanese people have been drinking Amazake in the heat of summer to get regain power and for its health benefits.
In Japan, Amazake is generally made from sake lees and contains alcohol. But our Amazake is made from Koji (malted rice), which produces enzymes. Enzymes change the rice into glucose with No sugar added. In the manufacturing process, it is pasteurized before bottling without fermentation, therefore it contains No Alcohol.
②Morning Drink!
Glucose is the only energy that the brain can use. Our Amazake has plenty of glucose and is a great source of of brain energy in the morning. Start your day with a boost of brain power!
③Wholesome Drink
You can enjoy the nutritional benefits of whole brown rice easily and with lots of taste!

  • How to use:
Amazake latte・・・Mix/stir it with soymilk, coffee or green tea.
All Natural Sweetener・・・Put Amazake into pancake mix instead of milk.

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