You can enjoy totally new taste by applying GINGER VINEGAR to
an ice-cream , fruit dessert or soda drink!!


  • Sugar, Vinegar, Ginger, Ginger extract, Starch sugar, Alcohol
  • Net contents:
    8.450 OZ/250ML
  • Storage:
    Store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

This is Sweet & Sour Ginger taste liquid.
Good for topping on the Ice-cream!!!

Especially recommended to use for the VANILLA ICE CREAM!!
Also good for the fresh assorted choice of fruits!

Try in a martini or Bloody Mary.
Great with Asian slaws such as daikon-carrot.
Use the preserve ginger for tea.

Special hint : Quick recipes for"Western pear compote"

Cut fresh western pear and add cream-cheese, cool it for a while and cut it nicely on the plate. And then pour the ginger vinegar on it, it's ready.

  • Recipe
1. Add to dashi broth
2. Condiment for shabu shabu
3. With tofu
4. Dip for tempura
5. Mix with Fromage Blanc Chevre or yogurt and fresh mint
6. As a sauce for fresh melon and other fruits
7. Try in a martini or Bloody Mary
8. Dipping sauce for sushi
9. Try with anything chocolate
10. To finish noodle soups and stir fries
11. Great with ice cream
12. Asian mignonette for raw bar items such as oysters and clams
13. Great with Asian slaws such as daikon-carrot
14. Toss with pot stickers or dim sum
15. Mix with lime juice for Asian ceviche
16. Use the preserve ginger for tea

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