Sesame Dressing: Mild Miso and fish sauce make this taste better than any other kinds.


  • Sugar, Safflower Oil, Mayonnaise, Sesame, Soysauce (Soybeans, Wheat),
    Rice Vinegar, Fish Sauce, Miso, Yeast Extract, Kombu Extract, Salt
  • Net contents: 200ML
  • Storage:
    Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and away from the moisture.

Very large amount of sesame is used to prepare this "sesamedressing", and that makes this far superior to existing normal dressing.

We use Yamato Miso and fish sauce (ISHIRU) as a secret of delicious taste.
NO USE polysaccharide thickener. We produce the stickyness by using paste sesame itself.

Good for cold shabu-shabu salad, "Liang Ban Mian" and cooked bean sprouts salad!!

Picky eating kids about vegetables,
become partial to vegetable salad quickly!!
Mom is happy, too!!

  • Japanese Recipe
1. Either good for fresh salad or
cooked salad
2. Also good for tofu salad
3. Add a little hot spice
Great sauce for "Bang Bang Ji"
4. Good for cold shabu-shabu sauce
5. Condiment for dip-sum
6. Toss with "Liang Ban Mian"
(Cold Chinese salad noodle)
7. Toss with warm or cold noodles
8. Adds any fried fish
9. Good for cooked bean sprouts

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