“Flavor enhancer” made of the Dashi-extract blended with a Japanese fish sauce called Ishiru. For Oden stew, fried rice, soup for noodles and curry etc. “Fish Soup-Stock (Ishiru-Dashi)” gives the unique aroma and flavor to your dishes!!


  • Fish sauce (sardine), Dried bonito, Dried mackerel, Starch syrup, Squid sauce, Sugar,
    Salt, Water
  • Net contents: 300ml
  • Storage:
    store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture

What is Ishiru?
Ishiru is a Japanese traditional fish sauce which is fermented naturally over a year.

Ishiru has been made over 400 years in Noto area, where is popular because of beautiful sea and rich sea products. This fish sauce is ideal for cooked rice and noodles (rice and flour) as rice farmers in Asia have been using a variety of fish sauces such as Nam-pura in Thailand, Noc-Nam in Vietnam, Patis in Philippines and fo forth.
However, pure Ishiru includes 23% of sodium and is too salty to use directly. So we blend Ishiru with Dashi (kelp and dried bonit)to make your cook easier.

  • Japanese Recipe
How to use “Fish Soup-Stock (Ishiru Dashi)”
Add some water and use it as aflavor enhancer for soup or use alittle of this as atasty salt in cooking.
And also use for the preparation.
Ideal for vegetable and mushrooms as marinated seasoning, then grill these vegetables with some olive oil.

Add some “Fish Soup-Stock (Ishiru Dashi)” to make traditional Japanese dishes.
Add this fish soup stock instead of soy sauce, natural amino acid make the taste better.
1. the soup for Udon, Soba, Chinese noodle (ramen)etc.
2. soup for Oden stew or the boiled vegetables. Especially Japanese traditional home cooking “Nikujaga”, simmered meat and potato.
3. Fried-rice or fried vegetables instead of using salt.
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