Tint coloring finish! That's traditional dish style in Japan.
Prepared Japanese soup-stock: just add the hot boiling water!!
Convinient to make U-don soup , soba soup and necessary Dashi.


  • light soysauce (encl. soybean, wheat), flavor ( mackerel, bonito, horse mackerel, round herring), sugar (sugar, glucose), salt, fermented flavor, seasoning (amino acid), alcohol
  • Net contents: 1000ml
  • Storage:
    Store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.
    Refrigerate with the temperature of 5 degree or less after opening and use promptly.

Try fine DASHI (Japanese soup stock)
in Kanazawa district traditional style.

Enjoy the tint coloring finish and
moderate sweet taste at your kitchen.
DON'T HAVE TO DO fiddly things in preparing the Dashi.
1. Check the usage.
2. Add hot boiling water belong to it
THAT's ALL!!!!!
It's ready to serve the Japanese mother's cooking!!
(Ratio=Stock: water) For boiled Dashi (Nimono)=1:3, for Udon or Soba = 1:4, and for Japanese traditional taste clear soup=1:7

What decides the taste of Japanese cuisines is the combination of the balance of the soup stock, soy sauce and "Mirin" (sugar).

By changing the balance of these liquids, you can make a sauce for tempura, soup for soba(buck wheat noodle), soup for cooked food and soup for udon(wheat noodle).

  • Japanese Recipe
1. Good for Nimono (food cooked in broth),like Nikujyaga
2. Wife-friendly in making delicious soup such as Udon, Soba and Somen
3. Fine clear soup in Kanazawa style
4. Great for Oden (Japanese hotchpotch)
5. Excellent for the stock for Takikomi Gohan
6. Dashimaki (Japanese style omelet roll)
7. Good for making tasty broth for
Chawan-mushi and Agedashi-dofu
(tofu deep-fried with flour coating)
Easy in making delicious
and good aroma "One-bowl meals"

8. Oyako-don (chicken and egg on the rice)
9. Katsu-don (pork on the rice)
10. Gyu-don (beef on the rice)
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