Organic Miso Is made from organic domestic malted rice, organic soybeans and natural salt.


  • Organic Soybean,
    Organic Rice, Natural Salt
  • Nacl=12%. OCIA JAPAN certified, and also the OCIA international certified.
  • Net contents : 500g
  • Can be stored at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

Naturally brewed and aged Miso is a powerful Miso having an unique aroma and a rich flavor (Umami).

It contains an active lactic acid bacteria, so it is a high quality Miso that goes well with the taste of seasonal food and fish. Also, it dissolves well in soup stock. Curiously, the flavor is not altered when boiled again. So you can enjoy the soup again the next day. It may be because of the fundamental power of long time aging. Organic Miso is appropriate not only for Miso soup, but also for flavoring food cooked by boiling or stewing, stir-fries, sauces and soups.

Organic Miso is OCIA certified. Miso manufacturing needs a lot of time and manpower for selecting the ingredients, for fermenting and aging.


Combination balance of the soup, vegetables, Miso and condiments decides the taste of Miso soup. If any of the ingredients are lacking, it cannot be called Miso soup and a bad combination of the ingredients never makes tasty Miso soup.

  • Japanese Recipe
Fresh vegetable sticks and good quality Miso go very well. You can add condiments such as herbs and chili or mayonnaise.
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