Well-balanced mineral natural sea salt by drying off at low temperature!


  • Ingredients ( per 100g・・・physiological function) :

    Calcium 435mg …assification, hormanal serection etc.
    Magnesium 312mg…energy metabolism, ossification etc.
    Kalium 122mg ...improving cardiac function and antiallergic activity etc.
    NaCL 88.5g ... improving poor blood circulation and low pressure etc.
  • Net contents: 200G
  • Storage:
    Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and away from the moisture.

Natural sea salt made in the 3 century old famous "salt making village" in the "Noto" peninsula facing the beautiful coast of the sea of JAPAN.

Different from popular sea salt. As the sea salt is usually boiled down by the hot temperature, it causes often bitterness.
But this has NO broiling in the making process.
This salt is made by drying off at low temperature, being condensed and crystallized by the cold wind on the surface of the dense seawater.
Accordingly, there is little to loose the sea mineral, and this gives "Umami" and delicate sweetness inside of this sea salt.

For example, you can distinguish the difference of the salty by this way below, try to use in preparation when you cook clam, as they will open mouth vigorously and spit the sand a lot easier than the usual salt.!!

Good for making rice ball, and soup, especially fabulous in making "Osumashi" ( Japanese clear dashi soup).
Also good for cooked corn or green soybean.
Sprinkle a little to steamed sweet potato.
Grilled fish and meat will be a perfect much!!!

  • Safety:
*Impurities in sea water are filtered by three steps.
*By flowing water-disinfection device, the bacteria in sea water is removed.
Because of the material is the natural sea water, the result in here would be different slightly depends on the weather condition.
Note: Even when the mineral is coagulated and the color turned brown, there is no detrimental to the quality.
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