Japanese traditional seasoning:Mixture of raw soy-sauce & "sudachi"( Japanese Citrus Juice); it has really sweet aroma, good for grilled meat and fish with grated Daikon.


  • water, soysauce, rice, vinegar, sweet sake, citrus juice (sudachi), sugar, salt, kombu powder, citric acid
  • Net contents: 300ML
  • Storage:
    Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and away from the moisture. Shake well before use. Sometimes natural juice may flaoat on surface.

You can use this as for salad dressing when you mix this with olive oil. Or use this for simply instead of Raw Soy as the Nacl=8% it taste milder than raw-soy-sauce, good for Yu-dofu ( boiled Tofu).

What is the "SUDACHI"?? (Nomenclature:Citrus sudachi)
"Sudachi" is very small green colored fruit (30~40g) and has fresh aroma and sour taste which is one of the best known citrus fruit to Japanese from the Edo-Period.
The flower season of "Sudachi" is around May to June and the fruit is harvested with fresh deep green color around summer or autumn season before it is ripe.
Sudachi is a peculiarity to Tokushima prefecture ( Sikoku Island ) and cultivated a lot there.

Peel and juice of Sudachi has Vitamin C a lot. It is popular to use as a condiment for pot dish with grated peel, to toss the Sashimi or grilled fish with juice. It is also popular to use some sliced sudachi to flavor into the Ponzu or Shochu.

  • Japanese Recipe
NaCL=8% Milder than Raw Soy-sauce.
1. Very popular usage for ponzu is as for the dip-sauce of the pot dish, excellent with Shabu-shabu and Yosenabe
(Japanese chowder cooked at the table)
2. Good for Hiyayakko (cold tofu) too.
3. Toss this with the green fresh vegitables or seaweed (wakame)salad
4. Put this a little on the hamburger stake or the beef stake with grated daikon
5. Condiment for dip-sum

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