Fresh “Yuzu” and “Sudachi” citrus juices enrich the flavor of many dishes! Different from ordinary Ponzu, “Yuzu-Ponzu” has natural mineral rich salt instead of soy sauce.


  • Vinegar, Sugar, Citrus (Yuzu, Sudachi), Salt, Mirin, Alcohol, Yeast extract,
    Flavor (Bonito), Flavor (Kombu)
  • Net contents: 300ML
  • Storage:
    store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

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What is “Yuzu”?
“Yuzu” is yellow colored Japanese citrus fruit (approx.100~150g) and has fresh aroma and sour taste which is one of the best known citrus fruit in Japanese. Its aroma is very unique but also common in traditional Japanese dishes as a condiment. We use not only juice, but also peel and add it to Osui-mono (Japanese clear soup). And Yuzu-tea is very popular to enjoy Yuzu fresh flavor especially among Japanese women.

What is the Natural Sea Salt? -The essencial point of Yuzu Ponzu-
Yuzu Ponzu made of not only Japanese Yuzu and Sudachi citrus juices but also mineral-rich sea salt harvested from pristine North Ishikawa Sea where is famous for rich marine products.
The difference between Natural Sea Salt and popular sea salt is their manufacturing process. Popular sea salt is usually boiled down by the hot temperature; it often causes bitter taste (function of Mg). In the meantime, Natural Sea Salt has no boiling process. Made by drying off at low temperature, being condensed and crystallized by the cold wind on the surface of the dense seawater. Accordingly, there is little to lose the sea mineral, and this gives “Umami” and delicate sweetness inside of this sea salt.
This “sweet” salt enriches the flavor of Yuzu and Sudachi citrus juices!!

Grilled Beef and Vegetable, Japanese pot dish, and Yudofu.
  • Japanese Recipe
Directly use, POUR, DIP, ADD
Grilled meat, YAKINIKU (Beef and Pork), YAKITORI (Chicken)
1. Dressing for fresh vegetable salad, onion salad
2. Dipping sauce for NABE, YUDOFU (boiled Tofu), SHABU-SHABU
Enjoy the fresh and pure Yuzu aroma!

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