Made of soysauce, fruit juices (Japanese Sudachi, Yuko and Yuzu) and rice vinegar.


  • Soysauce (incl. soybean and wheat), Japanese citrus (Sudachi,
    Yuko, Yuzu), Rice vinegar, Mirin, Sugar, Salt, Starch,
    Dried-Bonito, Kombu
  • Net contents: 300ML
  • Storage:
    store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

Ponzu(Gold Label) contains two times more fruit juices compare than our Sudachi-Ponzu, so it less tastes tart, and also has rich and fresh flavor. In addition, Ponzu(Gold Label)doesn't contain Msg as its ingriedient, though Sudachi-Ponzu does.


  • Japanese Recipe
Ideal for grilled Chicken, fish and meat.
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