"He-She-Ho" Raw Soy can be used for any kinds of cooking. You can use it for grilling, boiling, steaming, dipping and just pouring.

900ml 300ml 5ml*10

  • Water, Soy-beans, Wheat, Sea Salt, Shochu
  • Storage : Store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

It has pure taste and rich aroma. "He-She-Ho" brings out the flavor of the other dishes.

"He-She-Ho" Raw Soy is not heated in its manufacturing process, so a rich aroma remains within it. Adding a subtle amount of "He-She-Ho" to raw foods such as sushi, sashimi, tofu and so on makes them taste much better. "He-She-Ho" blends well with fresh fish and steaks. It is also ideal for use as a hidden flavor for salads and sauces. Moreover, "He-She-Ho" has an advantage that its enzyme (protein-cutting enzyme) makes meat softer. Just one drop of "He-She-Ho" gives dishes a hearty taste and a rich flavor.

What decides the taste of Japanese cuisines is the combination of the balance of the soup stock, soy sauce and "Mirin" (sugar).

By changing the balance of these liquids, you can make a sauce for tempura, soup for soba(buck wheat noodle), soup for cooked food and soup for udon(wheat noodle).

  • Japanese Recipe
Pour Raw Soy on a piece of fresh tofu with condiments such as grated ginger and chopped green onion as a garnish. This is a simple recipe for a traditional Japanese home cooking. The combination of "He-She-Ho" and the condiments gives a variety to all your dishes. Please try some various combinations to your dishes.
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