Made of raw soysauce and white premium Belgium chocolate. Its mystic raw saysauce aroma mesmerize chocolate lovers of all ages!!


  • Fresh cream, Cocoa butter, Sugar, Whole milk powder, Butter, Soysauce, Emulsifier (inc. Soybean origin), Vanilla flavor
  • Keep refrigerated under 10℃

It is freshly hand made with high-grade Belgium white chocolate and our original raw soy sauce “He-She-Ho”. Enjoy the unique combinations of mystic aroma of “He-She-Ho” and silky-creamy taste of white chocolate!

Its light brown color comes from the micro-brewed raw soy which was named one of the best by Dancyu, the monthly culinary magazine of nation-wide circulation, in its April/2006 issue.

  • Recipe
What an exciting match if it accompanies coffee, tea or milk!
Ideal for the gift and special occasions!

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