A new happy taste of ice cream!!Adding Yamato Raw soy sauce “He-She-Ho” into soft serve ice cream create a truly new taste.


  • 【Soy Cup Ice Cream】
    Milk, Fresh cream, Glucose sugar, Sugar, Defatted skim milk, Soysauce
    (Inc. Soybeans and Wheat), Trehalose, White liquor
  • fat-free milk solid: 9.6%
  • milk fat 6.6%

What is the taste of Soy Ice Cream?
From when we have served the Soy Ice Cream 15years ago, our customers found the combination of soy sauce and vanilla ice cream. They enjoy the unexpected match and make smile after eat. Some of them say that it tastes like a caramel!! There is a well established research proving that naturally brewed soy sauce presents 200 plus more aroma ingredients. When the soy sauce mix with regular milk, only remain vanilla and caramel aroma. Enjoy its fantastic match!!

  • Recipe
Where to be able to eat “Soy Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream” is limited at “He-She-Ho-Gura” , which is our Yamato product direct-shop in Kanazawa. Of course you can eat simple “Soy Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream”, you can drop Yamato “Soy sauce for Ice cream (desert sauce)” as a topping sauce!!
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