Ready Mix Vinegar for the cooked rice to prepare SUSHI "SHARI" . Made from the Rice Vinegar, sugar and Kombu powder.


  • water, rice vinegar, sugar, kombu powder
  • Net contents: 300ML
  • Storage:
    Store in a cool place avoiding
    direct sunlight and away from the moisture.

Using Hakusan Mt. origin mother water which brews up the "Kiku-sake" of Kaga area from 120m under the ground, the raw material of sake brewed up in a frigid climate.

Here in Kanazawa is well-known as the cradle of good Sake.
And this rice vinegar is made from 100% fermented Sake.
First we have to have fine sake to make this Sushi Vinegar.
Never miss a little thing, keep a sharp eye on whatever changes and conditions and listen to the words of rice, water and koji (malt) and aging them in a sufficient time.
This will be a mild and mellow exquisite quality vinegar.

Special hint:
Good for "He-she-ho" (raw soy) as a condiment for dip. And if you like wasabi taste very much,
add our wasabi oil into soysauce dip according to your taste.

  • Japanese Recipe
When you cook the 250g raw rice,
turns out to be double 500g of cooked rice.
Add 20% ( 100ml ) of this Sushi Vinegar
and mix them well.
Then cool them by using fans, then the Sushi Rice (Shari) will be ready.
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