Enjoy the fresh pungent and the whiff of hot wasabi aroma.
Best used as a finish oil, adds a herbaceous zing to
Asian food, fish, vegetables or meat.


  • Olive oil, Wasabi oil, Wasabi, Capsicum extracts
  • Net contents:
    8.450 OZ/250g
  • Storage:
    Store at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

This is the “Wasabi” (Japanese hot spice) taste Olive Oil. You can enjoy the fresh pungent and the whiff of hot wasabi aroma.

Mix this with a little bit of balsamic vinegar or Raw soysauce.
We carefully selected the great quality olive oil from Italy.
Good for the carpaccio and the beef-stake too.
You can use this as for the decoration on the white plate around the beef-stake, it looks beautiful.
The fresh and purified green color of wasabi enhances the view on the dishes.
"Wasabi Oil" will produce the cool and exhilaration feeling in summer or taste arranging.

  • Recipe
1. Put Wasabi-oil in the mashed potato
2. Wasabi, green onion compound butter
3. Dark chocolate wasabi ganashe
4. Add to avocado for Asian style guacamole
5. Add to dairy based dips for flair
6. Toss with warm or cold noodles
7. Mix in rice
8. Condiment for Sushi and Dim-sum
9. Excellent drizzled on raw bar items
10. Great finish for cold or warm soups
11. Adds a bold spike to stir-fry vegetables and slaws
12. Mix with ginger vinegar or rice wine for flavorful vinaigrette
13. Brush on any grilled meat, fish, poultry or vegetable
14. Puree with freshly steamed edamame for a healthy flavorful dip.

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