NO USE BEAN FLOUR!! Use Japanese Houseradish


  • Horseradish, mustard,
    Japanese horseradish,
    Cornstarch,milk sugar,
    Vitamin C
  • Net contents: 50g
  • Storage:
    Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and away from the moisture.

Don't have to buy the grader.

Just open the can, Add water and mix it.
Then the fresh aroma Wasabi paste is ready!

[ ratio = wasabi : water = 1 : 2 ]

Put two spoonful of water into one spoonful wasabi powder.

(Ready-made specification: 50g tin can and 1Kg tin can)

steamed lotus root)

  • Japanese Recipe
1. Convenient for serving good aroma
and taste condiment for
SASHIMI (raw sliced fish)
Hasumushi (steamed lotus root)
2. Good for hot taste carpaccio
3. Easy making the wasabi mayonnaise
mixed soysauce.
Try add mayonnaise sauce salad!!
4. Arrange your usual dressing
5. Good for vegetable dip and dim-sum
6. Tororomeshi (Grated yam with rice)
7. Great for the beef stake condiment
8. Great for the roasted duck breast
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